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AMAL is a professional organisation, which has been serving South Africa since 1984, celebrating 40 Years of Service Excellence and dedicated to promoting excellence by empowering Muslims in the fields of Accounting and Law in South Africa. Our mission is to bring together professionals, foster collaboration, and provide resources for continuous learning, development and empowerment.

With dedicated chapters that include ACCOUNTING, LEGAL, ISLAMIC and ADVOCACY, join us on a journey where expertise meets advocacy, and where the synergy of accountants, commerce and law creates a powerful force for positive change. Together we can achieve and build a better South Africa. Sign up via our membership page.

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Are you a Muslim accountant or lawyer in South Africa seeking a community that understands your unique professional journey? Look no further! The Association of Muslim Accountants and Lawyers of South Africa (AMAL) is here to provide you with an enriching experience that aligns with your values and aspirations. For an incredibly affordable annual fee of only R 300, you can become a part of...

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